Sunday, April 25, 2010

gud luck peoples

currently i'm struggling for my law paper tomorrow
mcm nk muntah2 hafal sections n related cases.
PM Rusnah said, i nvm if u juz state the title of case
what u deserve, u get it
if juz title, then only 1 mark lah
so,full case,5 marks la
ye~disebabkn kata2 itula kitorg bermati-an menghafal case n section jgk
tolong. sgt takut nk hadap paper sok.
td pon sempat lg one of my former lecturer tnye, u all nih stdying ke fesbuking??
hahaha~nk wt cm kn sir..facebook is one of the therapy for student to less their stress
xde life la kn klu asek ngadap buku 24/7..
be a gud student doesnt mean u have to face the book all the time
juz be a smart student..then u will get no stress
rite people??


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